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When viewing a loan-level report, you can automatically create an aggregate report using the Aggregate On option from the right-click menu. First, you must select the attributes for the aggregation by clicking the column headers. To select multiple, click the first attribute and then hold down your CTL key and click each attribute you wish to include. The column headers will appear selected (in the example below, Conforming Flag and State were selected; note the reverse color background of the column headers):


Once you select the attributes you wish to use for aggregation, right-click one of the selected column headers to display the popup menu and click the Aggregate On option:


This option will do the following processing:

·        Create a new report entry in your History List

·        Remove all attributes except those that were selected for the aggregation and any Page By attributes

·        Aggregate each of the metrics defined included on the report based on the selected attributes

The metrics that were on the original report will be aggregated based on the combination of attribute values as follows:

·        All balance metrics are summed

·        All non-balance metrics (e.g., interest rate, FICO score, et al) are calculated as weighted averages based on either Current Investor Balance or Origination Amount

Note:    Refer to the Data Definitions for information on aggregation and the basis for metrics that are aggregated as weighted averages.