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A document is a collection of data from one ore more reports formatted as one representation with additional interactive functionality. Vector Securities provides options to create a document from scratch or based on one of the predefined templates. When creating a document, you must define the following:

·        Dataset - you may define one or more datasets that are used to populate the document

·        Document Layout - you may define one or more data layouts to present the underlying data

When creating a document, you must have at least one dataset and one layout to present when the document is executed.

The following is a view of the design mode for a blank document using a template (this template has one heading and two data panels).


Document Setup Menu

This menu provides access to each of the options required to define a document. There are options to save the document, modify your view of the document and add data objects (e.g., textbox) to the document layout.




Document Editor

This panel provides access view and define the datasets linked to the document, display the structure of the document in a tree view and review related reports that are in the same folder as the document.


Document Layout Panel

This panel provides access to view each layout defined for the document. A document may have one or more layouts.

Each layout has its own:

A.png Data Grouping setup

B.png Content Sections

The content sections in the example (e.g., Page, Document and Detail headers and footers) are available in a document template. A dashboard template employs a slightly different layout paradigm as it has content sections.