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This set of preferences allows you to define general parameters for the Vector Securities. These preferences are as follows:

Note:    The following list includes all possible options, however, not all options may be enabled/visible in the application you are using.

Note:    Once you have defined your preferences, you must click the Apply button to save your changes and apply these to the application.



Default Start Page

This option allows you to specify the page that is presented once you have passed the Notification page after log in.


This set of options allows you to specify your language and time zone. Although it is available, it is not recommended that you modify the language supported by your application.

Accessibility Mode

This option allows you to enable screen readers for this application. When checked, the application is compatible with screen-reader software. When not checked, the application does not support screen-reader software.

Font Style

This set of options allows you to specify the fonts used for the application. If you choose to customize the fonts, you must specify the list of fonts in order of preference to be applied to the application. The first font that is available on your machine will be used for the application. You may also specify the size of the font to be applied. If you choose to customize, you must specify the size of the font.

Output Formats

This set of options allows you to specify how the application handles presentation when working with output.

The option to Use PDF for printing reports allows you to specify if the print preview uses PDF format to display and then print. When checked, the Print Preview option will display the output in PDF format. When not checked, your browser's Print Preview is used. If using the PDF option, you can adjust the PDF print options prior to printing rather than your browser print options. Using the PDF options simplifies customizing your print request.

The option to Re-use new window for each export, print or PDF allows you to use a currently open dialog window when selecting export, print or PDF options. When checked, an existing dialog window is used if opened. When not checked, each action to export, print or output to PDF will open a new dialog window even if one is already opened for your application.

The Full Screen mode options for reports and documents (separate options) allows you to specify when the full screen view of output (reports or documents) is applied. The options are to use the report definition, always open in full screen or neve open in full screen.

Cart-style selections

A "cart-style" prompt will have an Available list and a Selected list. This option specifies if a selected item will remain in both the Available once selected. When checked, the selected item will appear in BOTH the Available and Selected boxes. If not checked, an item will MOVE from the Available to Selected box once selected.


This option defines the default operators to be used when defining a qualification filter on an attribute and metric. These operators are used when you define report filters, view filters, custom groups and prompts (Note: Some of these application processing options may not be enabled for the application you are using). There are separate options to set the default qualification operators for attributes and metrics.

The Default Operator for Metric Qualification determines the default operator when defining conditions using a metric. This provides a drop down list of the available qualification operators for selection.

The Default Operator for Attribute Qualification defines the default operator when definition conditions using an attribute. This provides a drop down list of the available qualification operators for selection.

The Preserve Whitespace in Prompt Answers specifies if whitespace is retained in prompt answers. When checked, whitespace is retained. If not checked, the whitespace is eliminated.

Hierarchy Browsing

This option determines if attributes that are included on the report but not added to the grid are included in the Page-By panel. When checked, report attributes not included on the grid are added to the Page-By panel. When checked, the attributes are included in the Page-By panel and will be applied to the view of the output. When not checked, the attributes are included in the output but will not appear on the grid or in the Page-By panel.

Save Options

This option allows you to specify if the Save dialog window is automatically presented with the Advanced Options displayed when applicable. The Advanced Options are presented when you have a prompted report and these options specify if and how the report prompt answers are saved.

When checked, the Advanced Options are presented and expanded for the Save dialog when applicable. If not checked, the Advanced Options are included on the Save dialog window when working with a prompted report but are collapsed. You can expand the Advanced Options manually to complete those parameters when saving the report