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Vector Securities provides the ability to generate loan-level output and aggregated based on one or more attributes. You can easily switch reports from loan-level to aggregate and back. Vector Securities was built to provide enhanced flexibility for loan-level and aggregate reporting. Loan-level reporting allows you to define the data elements and layout of the loan-level report. Aggregate reporting allows you to define your own set of aggregation options and dimension band reporting using custom groups.

·        What is loan-level reporting?

Any report that includes the loan ID or loan number will report one row for each loan in the output. The balance and rate metrics reflect the value for that individual loan. You may add totals to the report based on attribute values.

When viewing a loan-level report there is no lower level of data for drilling, but you can aggregate up. Switching from a loan-level report to aggregate can be done on one of two methods; you can simply remove the loan ID and/or loan number or you can select the Aggregate On option after selecting one or more attributes.

Removing the loan ID and/or loan number will aggregate the report on the attributes that are currently on the view of the output. This may provide an aggregation that is too granular for analysis. It is recommended that you only include those attributes that you wish to aggregate on prior to removing the loan ID and/or loan number.

The Aggregate On option requires you to select one or more attributes and will automatically remove the unselected attributes from the aggregated report and provides an enhanced ease of use process for aggregation.

·        What is aggregate reporting?

Any report that excludes the loan ID or loan number will aggregate based on the combination of values for the loan attributes included on the report. The balances are aggregated into a sum and any non-balance metrics are aggregated as weighted averages based on the Current Active Balance of the aggregated loans for the reporting line.

An aggregated report allows you to drill up or down from a predefined hierarchy drill path (depending on the attributes included on the report) or across disparate attributes. You can drill down to the loan-level for the current report layout or select a predefined loan-level report layout for the drill down.