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My Reports provides access to the reports, filters and templates saved with your user account. This page includes a set of options 001.png to create a report Icon_CreateReport.png, filter Icon_CreateFilter.png or subfolder Icon_CreateSubFolder.png. These initial options also allow you to enable the tree view Icon_TreeView.png, toggle the page between icon view Icon_IconView.png and list view Icon_ListView.png, and refresh the view of the page Icon_RefreshPage.png. If enabled, there is an option that allows you to combine a standalone filter and template to run an ad hoc report 002.png.

The remaining elements on this page 003.png represent the custom reports, filters and templates that you have created and saved under your user account. When you save a report object to My Reports, you may choose to create a sub-folder to better organize your personal objects. Objects saved to My Reports are only available to your user account; if you wish to share with your user workgroup, you must save these objects to the company shared folder in Shared Reports.

Note:    The screen shot below is shown in icon view and includes at least one type of report object (i.e., folder, report, filter, template, custom group, prompt and document). When you view the My Reports page for your user account, the objects presented will be those you have previously saved.