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My Reports provides access to all reports, filters, prompts and custom groups saved to the My Reports folder with your user account. This page includes the standard application toolbar 001.png that includes the drop down task icon menu to provide access to the primary options within Vector Securities. This also includes the navigation pane which may be toggled between expanded and collapsed 002.png (this is currently shown in collapsed mode in the example below).

This page 003.png displays folders first and then any reporting objects that were saved directly into My Reports without a subfolder. When you save an object to My Reports, you may choose to create a sub-folder to better organize your personal objects. Objects saved to My Reports are only available to your user account; if you wish to share with your user workgroup, you must save these objects to the company shared folder in Shared Reports.

Note:    The screen shot below is shown in icon view and includes at least one type of report object (i.e., folder, report, filter, template, custom group, prompt and document). When you view the My Reports page for your user account, the objects presented will be those you have previously saved. This view may be toggled between icon and list views using the option in the navigation pane.