Notes for using Rollup Codes in Reporting      Back to Previous


Once you have created your securities rollup codes, you may use these on reports. There is an attribute named Securities Rollups that may be used on reports or when defining a filter. The individual rollup codes are specific to your user account and your user workgroup (i.e., any rollup codes you define are available to anyone within your user group similar to the reports in the Company Share folder within the Shared Reports).

The Securities Rollups attribute does not provide a drill path down to the underlying securities or pools directly from the Rollups attribute. The best practice for utilizing the rollup code on reports is as follows:

·        Create a report with the Security attribute and any other attribute you wish to use for analysis

·        Add the metrics you wish to use for your analysis

·        Add the Securities Rollups code as a filter and filter on the rollup code you wish to include in the output

By using your rollup to filter the data, your output is limited to those securities that are linked to the rollup code(s) you have included in the filter. By including the Security attribute, you can view output by each individual security linked to the rollup code(s) and you have the drill capabilities associated with the Security attribute (i.e., down to pool level or up to issuer).

You may still include the Securities Rollups attribute in your report output, but if you wish to analyze individual securities within your rollup, you will need to include the Security attribute as you cannot drill from the Securities Rollups attribute down to the individual securities.

The Bulk Export processing has full access to utilize the Securities Rollup attribute for output as well as filtering, just as you can in standard reports from the Web application. But, for those clients that do not utilize rollups on a regular basis (e.g., your analysis for individual securities, CUSIPs or INTEX deals is variable and not static month to month), the Bulk Export processing includes options to build a list of securities similar to the Securities Rollups setup without defining a reusable Securities Rollup code.