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The Summary page is presented once you have successfully logged in to the Vector Securities application.

The navigation bar appears on all pages and allows you to access the primary options within the application and includes a drop down Quick Links menu 001.png that provides access to the primary options within Vector Securities and is available on each page of the application. In addition, there is a set of buttons 002.png to return to the home (Summary) page and also to page back Icon_PageBck.png or forward Icon_PageFwd.png in your navigation history or move one folder up Icon_Folder_Up.png from the current page you have accessed. The page back and forward can move one page or provides a drop down list of pages you have previously visited from your current location. The page navigation history to the right of the navigation icons and toggles between displaying the current page name (e.g., My Reports) and the history path of pages used to access that page (Vector Securities > My Reports). 003.png The Search and Help link are included at the top of the page (Note: The Search option is only available on select pages within Vector Securities).

The Summary page indicates the most recent period(s) of data and the dates of the most recent data updates 004.png. In addition, the Summary page provides a thumbnail view for each of the primary options within Vector Securities 005.png through 010.png with a limited number of folders or reports displayed that you can access or run directly from the Summary page. The heading line for each of these options is a hyperlink to that specific page which provides access to all features contained in that option.

The screen shot below provides a view of the expanded Quick Links menu. When the icon is clicked, a drop down menu is presented with the primary options available within Vector Securities. Clicking the icon toggles the drop down menu from open to closed.