Frequently Asked Questions


The following are frequently asked questions for Vector Securities.

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·        What is the Data Period in Progress?

·        Why does the data for the current Period in Progress change over time?

·        How do I know the status of the data update for the Period in Progress?

·        How can I change the number of rows and columns displayed in the grid?

·        How do I quickly strat on LTV or FICO?

·        How can I adjust the predefined ranges for the LTV or FICO strat buckets?

·        What causes a report to take a long time to process?

·        Does your CPR calculation include curtailments?

·        Why does my calculated metric not match the predefined metric using the formula in the Data Definitions (e.g., Loss Severity)?

·        What is the difference between the two Roll Rate report options?

·        What is the difference between the Prepay, Liquidated w/Loss and Liquidated w/out Loss metrics on the Roll Rate report?

·        Does Vector Securities allow me to generate a portfolio report based on CUSIP?

·        How do I create a Portfolio Filter using a list of CUSIPs?

·        Is there a limit to the number of CUSIPs I can include in a Portfolio Filter?

·        How do I use a Portfolio Filter on a report?

·        Can I use existing reports if my CUSIP portfolio changes every month?